Guidelines for Reviewers

For Reviewers

Esagio is here to help shape and raise standards in the cosmetic surgery industry worldwide. We do this by developing a powerful, interactive platform where you can share and discover other people’s experiences, and connect with cosmetic surgery practitioners and help them improve their practices.

The only thing we as you is that you respect these guidelines (coupled with our terms of use) to help us all keep Esagio a truly collaborative and trustworthy place accessible to everyone everywhere.

We like to thank you for getting coming on board.

You can write a review if you’ve had some interaction with a cosmetic surgery clinic/doctor (practitioner) or underwent a recent cosmetic surgery procedure and would like to share that experience with your peers.

Esagio reviews are a genuine chance to share your experiences and give feedback to cosmetic surgery practitioners.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a major procedure or only a minor one. We at Esagio believe that all experiences are worth a review.

Keep your review fresh and provide an insight about your experience that happened in the last 12 months. For instance, you story about your FUT procedure 8 years ago might be an interesting one, but it’s less relevant today as most people undergo FUE. When sharing your experiences, your fellow readers get an accurate feel of how a clinic is operating now. This also helps provide practitioners valuable up-to-date feedback.

Please don’t make up an experience or write a review on someone’s behalf, leave it to them to write their own review. If you are associated with, or are employed by a competing company, you shouldn’t leave a review.

It’s important that you hold onto any documentation, photos, medication or anything else related to your experience. Esagio may request that you verify your experience.

We expect all contributors to be respectful when using our platform. So don’t be rude, play nice!

We only accept reviews and posts that aren’t harmful, discriminatory, defamatory or obscene. Most importantly, don’t lie, blackmail, bully, make threats or do anything that breaks any laws.

This can’t be explained in simple terms. Esagio is a platform that sits in between patients and cosmetic surgery practitioners, so we have to balance the two sides. We want to allow everyone to tell their stories, both good and bad, but we’re also obligated to remove statements that are designed to cause serious harm to someone’s reputation or serious financial loss to a practice.

From experience we’ve found the best reviews explain what took place and leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions.

We don’t get involved in disputes about what actually happened between a reviewer and practitioner. Esagio is a consumer platform, not a regulator or a court of law.


All reviews must be kept relevant and don’t refer to any promotional references, links or marketing material. This isn’t the right place for selling your services, offering discount codes, creating action groups or meeting other like-minded people in your area.

Remember your reviews are public. Thats why its important never to include your own sensitive personal information and nor its ok to post someone else’s! We’re talking about names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and anything else that can be used to track, identify, contact or impersonate someone.

You’d be surprised how often reviewers leave a review for Clinic A on Clinic B’s profile! So before posting anything, please double check the clinic and country you’re reviewing. This saves potential headaches down the line.

You will need a user account before being able to post a review. You only get one user account and it should involve the real you! Your surname, your photos and profile description must reflect who you are (please don’t go impersonating other people, cheers) and can’t be harmful, discriminatory, hateful, defamatory or obscene – because everyone can see your profile. If you do post something you shouldn’t, or create more than one Esagio accounts, we reserve the right to delete your account(s).

Your user account needs to be linked to a valid and permanent email incase we need to get in touch.

You own your review! This means you can edit, update or delete your review at any time you want. We encourage you to update an existing review if you want to add more information about an experience. Although its fine to submit more than one review for a practice if you’ve had more than one experience, please don’t bombard a business with lots of reviews because this doesn’t do anyone any favours.

We love it when Esagio users help us protect our platform by letting is know about problematic reviews, especially when backed by proof. Only flag a review if you genuinely believe it to be problematic, and please be fair and consistent.

We check all flagged reviews to see if they breach our guidelines and if they do, we’ll take action.

Contact the team on to bring anything to our attention.

Esagio is all for freedom of expression, but certain types of content is a no-go. If someone flags your review for breaking our rules then we reserve the right to hide it and ask you to make some changes. We will give you the opportunity to bring your genuine reviews within our guidelines so they can stay on Esagio.

But if you misuse our platform we can remove your reviews and block or delete your account. If your account gets deleted, so do your reviews.

Our software is constantly on the look out for suspicious and fake reviews and will remove them.

These guidelines are set by us and we retain the right to change from time to time.